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Becherovka Liqueur 700ml

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Becherovka is a traditional Czech herbal liqueur, which has been produced in Karlovy Vary for over two hundred years to the same, top secret recipe. The secret blend of herbs and spices that smells of cloves, orange peel, cinnamon, possibly pine needles… Blending the tastes and smells of Czech herbs with exotic spices was Dr. Frobig’s basic idea when looking for a new recipe. About 70% of medicinal herbs grow in the meadows and peat bogs around Karlovy Vary. Exotic spices are imported from all over the world, e.g. South Africa, Zanzibar, Sri Lanka or Hungary. The recipe’s precise composition is currently known only by two people in the company (otherwise it is known also by former employees who prepared Becherovka in the past), who, for example, may not travel in the same means of transport. Every Wednesday Bohuslav Pich, the production manager, enters the drogikammer (that’s the name of the room where the work with herbs and spices is done), to weigh and mix the correct blend for the production of the most popular herbal liqueur. 


ABV 38%
Standard Drinks 21
Region Karlovy Vary
Country Czech Republic