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Marionette Mure Liqueur 500ml

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Created by four of Melbourne's most sharp hospitality minds, Marionette Liqueurs is one of Australia's most exciting craft distilleries, making classic liqueurs with an Australian twist.  Their philosophy is simple, “Drink local. Drink Seasonal” and they walk the walk by partnering with local farmers, sourcing small yield, high quality ingredients at their peak, to produce their line of liqueurs. “We harness the wonderful produce Australia has to offer to create a serious product, without taking ourselves too seriously. Marionette Liqueurs are only lightly filtered. Marionette keeps the good stuff in, each bottle is packed full of real fruit and natural flavour.

No light makes it through Marionette’s intensely dark blackberry liqueur. The nose is earthy and full of dark fruit aroma. Tart and almost jammy on the first sip, the sweetness quickly falls away to a glorious, complex palate of sour cherry, spice and tannin. A bright, herbaceous liqueur that tastes like summer on the vine.

Perfect for: Bramble, Dramble, Wibble.




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